Outsmart your competition with Intelligent Fleet Management

Published: 29 May 2019

Enterprises across industries such as retail, travel and transportation, healthcare, heavy equipment, utilities, logistics and telecommunications rely on effective fleet management for uninterrupted flow of goods and services. Leading enterprises use Kinetica for real-time fleet analytics to simultaneously ingest, enrich, explore,analyze, visualize, and act on data within milliseconds to make critical decisions, as well as find efficiencies,reduce risk, improve productivity, lower cost, generate new revenue and improve customer experience.


US Postal Services uses Kinetica for real-time fleet management

USPS, the world’s largest logistics organization, relies on Kinetica to optimize the operations of its several-hundred-thousand vehicles and employees, using visualizations and analytics of real-time data to efficiently deliver goods to the more than 154 million addresses across the United States. Kinetica merges the query needs of the traditional relational database developer with the scalability demands of the modern IoT-centric enterprise. USPS runs Kinetica as a 70TB in-memory database in a load-balanced, distributed, multi-rack environment, supporting 15,000 concurrent users and ingesting data from more than 200,000 scan devices.

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