Go Digital to Survive

Our OnDemand platform and e-commerce solutions give
you the tools to innovate. This way you can drive effective
and holistic digital transformation to create real-time
digital experiences for your customers.


Be Data Driven to Thrive

Our cutting-edge Database and Data Management solutions offer instant value. And with our managed services you save time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance and support.

How it all Started

Chairman Alan Cowley launched Sybase South Africa almost three decades ago. The company’s main area of emphasis was in developing relational database management systems for network computer environments. Two decades and a wealth of database management knowledge later, Sybase was sold to SAP and tdglobal was started.

Cowley had a clear vision: “go digital to survive and be data driven to thrive”

Digital innovation can only take place when fueled by the power of well controlled data. These two pillars, data management and digital transformation became the foundation of tdglobal. Established in 2013, tdglobal is now a fascinating international business that provides ‘best in breed’ data management solutions.

We give you the tools to compete and disrupt effectively in the digital economy and our think digital platforms give you exceptional real-time digital experiences that connect and engage businesses and communities.

Instant data is the catalyst for digital transformation

The data explosion is fuelled by the sheer volume of data generation from connected devices and active users. This presents both a huge opportunity and huge challenge. Where is this data stored? How is it protected? What is its flow? Above all, how can you create value out of data?

The goal: Benefit from ‘instant gratification’ provided to your customers. Our teams help you in areas like data migration, data security, data analytics, data virtualization and data monitoring. This way you can achieve instant data.

tdglobal helps customers use data as a strategic asset and build their digital ecosystems

Our potent mix of ingenuity and expertise has made the tdglobal offering one that large corporates have trusted for unrivalled service and best of breed technology. Our teams understand that the challenges facing our clients are unique. That is why we build unique relationships with each client to ensure they receive the full advantage of our three decades of experience. So, they can generate more revenue, while saving costs and driving innovation.

Our success lies in your organization’s relevance, agility, and ability to thrive in a digital world.