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Simplify BCBS 239, CCAR, and Solvency II compliance

Financial services companies need to comply with increasingly complex international regulations, like BCBS 239, CCAR, and Solvency II. The financial and reputational risk of not securing, protecting, and appropriately using their data can be severe. Read more

It’s time to get proactive about GDPR and POPIA

Trust and privacy have never been more important. But you don’t need to start from scratch with each new regulation. Read more

The regulatory environment is complex. Let us help you to comply.

Organisations are pivoting to become more data driven – they have little choice, considering today’s regulatory climate. tdglobal can help you to understand where you are on your data governance roadmap, and how you can establish a sustainable, compliant data governance framework. Because, without one, compliance costs and penalties can quickly spiral out of control. Read more

Get actionable insight from your data and start making better decisions today

Everyone in your organisation is a data citizen. When they can find the right data, at the right time, they can use it to confidently drive new insights and transform your organisation. Read more

A murky data lake makes it hard to see below the surface

When it comes to data lakes, there are two extremes: businesses are either drowning in information or dying from thirst. Read more

Data is everywhere. Make yours work for you.

Not all data is valuable. But you won’t know what is, until you have a data governance framework in place; one that can improve data quality and reduce your risk exposure. It’s something you either get right, or horribly wrong. Read more

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