The future of SAP Sybase and Insight


All companies hold large volumes of data related to the systems they run, their operations and processes as well as their staff and customers. Most organizations spend large amounts of money on people and systems to manage their data housed in databases and files systems. However, they often do not effectively leverage the value of this data to provide actionable insights and competitive advantage to turn this asset into ‘smart data’.

This paper will outline SAP Sybase, its future as a premier enterprise data solution and one of the best options for continuing to utilize this effective solution going forward in addition to optimizing performance, reducing costs and sizing environments to your needs, all without vendor penalties and license restructuring costs.


The SAP Sybase future

SAP ASE, or its original name Sybase, is a powerful relational database management platform. It was acquired by SAP in 2011 and answered many concerns raised in the introduction of this paper. Recently, SAP announced the release of version 16.0 and 16.1 the latest versions of Sybase. This update is scheduled for Q2 2023. With this release SAP will provide paid support to resolve issues and new patches for the Sybase platform. It’s important to note that the date of the scheduled update is an estimate and tdglobal can be contacted for an update if need be.

Recent studies have found that many users wish to remain on the platform and are in a difficult position deciding how to best utilize this powerful solution. This uncertainty is caused by the rising cost of support and a lack of value added support services associated to these costs which is forcing premature decision making.

As a logical response many users are turning to third party support to extend the functionality of their systems.


What is Insight

Insight for SAP Sybase is a managed service solution that saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance and support of database and data management solutions. This single platform includes SAP’s industry leading database technology paired with tdglobal’s years of expertise and intellectual property.

Insight features health checks of your current environment, stability, performance and security as well as licensing services such as license optimization, license consolidation and platform re-licensing. Monitoring of performance, security, SQL code and stored processes with data security features like sensitive data discovery, data protection, encryption, classification and governing are all also provided.

Insight is a flexible option for SAP Sybase users concerned about the above, and in addition to extending the lifespan of the system, Insight can potentially save users 40% on the current costs of their systems. Insight is also optimized to allow for at-pace data migration through cloud migration, platform migration and migration testing.


Why trust tdglobal

Re-established in 2013 as tdglobal, we rank among the top experts in the data and digital fields, having taken clients through the data journey since 1991, from data warehousing to digitization.

Our mix of ingenuity, expertise and agility make the tdglobal offering one that our customers have trusted for unrivalled service, best of breed technology solutions and our team are able to build a unique relationship with each client. Our success lies in your organizations’ relevance and ability to thrive in an increasingly digital world.


Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash