Accelerate Application Development with Fast, Compliant Data

Automate data delivery and security for application modernization, CI/CD, and cloud migration.

Accelerate Application Development with Fast, Compliant Data

Automate data delivery and security
for application modernization,
CI/CD, and cloud migration.

What is the Delphix Data Platform?

To provision secure data for application development pipelines, you need to work with a robust data platform. A platform which eliminates data bottlenecks so data can keep pace with today’s accelerated release velocity.

tdglobal provides the Delphix Data Platform: an integrated solution which combines data virtualization and data masking for rapid, secure delivery of production-quality test data. Lightweight, virtual databases can be version controlled just like code, allowing dev and test teams to easily rewind, bookmark, and branch test data to accelerate release velocity.


Deliver features and releases 50% faster while improving quality.

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APIs to automate data into CI/CD pipeline

Provision production-quality data from any enterprise data source by leveraging APIs that integrate data delivery into development workflows. Bookmark and rewind data environments after destructive testing to compress QA cycles. On top, automatically refresh data to reflect the latest state of production to ensure data-related defects don’t escape into production.

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Point in time sync of diverse enterprise data sources for comprehensive integration testing

Delphix ingests source data from mainframe to cloud-native apps and everything in between. Synchronize, store, and provision diverse data sources from any point in time, down to the second or transaction boundary. Delphix data virtualization makes data agile and fast, no matter where data resides.

Data Security for Non-Production Environments

Automatically identify and mask PII, PCI, and PHI data to ensure compliance

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Policy-based management of sensitive data

Delphix automatically identifies and anonymizes confidential information such as social security numbers, patient records, and credit card information with fictitious, yet realistic data.  Regulation-specific templates for GDPR, CCPA, and many other privacy laws are easy to implement, without the need for programming expertise.

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Manage sensitive data at scale

Delphix seamlessly integrates data masking with data virtualization, allowing teams to quickly deliver masked, virtual data copies to test environments on premises or in the cloud. Consistent masking across different tables and databases maintains referential integrity to ensure accurate and comprehensive testing and validation.

Features & benefits of Delphix Data Platform


Delphix non-disruptively ingests production data to create lightweight virtual clones that can be delivered to test environments in minutes.


Automatically identify and mask sensitive data using regulation-specific templates for GDPR, PCI, and many other privacy laws.


Dev and test teams can automatically rewind, bookmark, and branch data to accelerate application delivery.


Deliver and secure data wherever it resides, on-prem or in the cloud.

Time Travel

Delphix provides point in time sync across diverse data sources to facilitate complex integration testing or expedite production triage.


The API-driven programmable data infrastructure easily integrates into existing CI/CD toolchains.

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