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tdglobal and Delphix presents | Finding and Protecting Personal Information in Your Organisation


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Join tdglobal and Delphix in this webinar to see the implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).  POPIA, like GDPR mandates that organisations protect personal information, but how do you find personally identifiable information across your organisation and then secure it?

We will outline how Delphix can help to:

  • Identify and assess the database, file and application environments impacted by POPIA.
  • Create an actionable inventory of sensitive data.
  • Implement policy and processes to automatically secure personal data subject to POPIA so that it is not used in non-production environments.
  • Report and audit the actions taken to achieve compliance with a full audit of changes to data obfuscation/masking rules.
  • Irreversibly de-identify personal information for use in development and testing environments as well as for analytical, root cause analysis and AI/ML modelling and training.

We will also point out how you can empower your end users with self-service controls over secured data; so not only protecting and caring for your customer's personal information but speeding up your application delivery at the same time.

The webinar will include speakers from tdglobal and Delphix who will run a live demo of the Delphix Masking solution. The demo will show how you can discover your sensitive data using the Delphix Profiler and secure your data wherever it resides.

Webinar has taken place

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