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The Value of Digital Experiences

We help you compete and disrupt in the digital economy

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The Value of
Digital Experiences

We help you compete and disrupt
in the digital economy

Bringing Digital Dreams to Reality

1. Best Digital Technologies

2. Proven Track Record

3. Going Beyond Expectations

Highly convenient with minimal human interaction all through the comfort of their mobile devices, this is how to connect and engage with your audience. You need to build exceptional experiences that allow them to get what they want and more.

Our Digital experts combine the best technology with your specific business needs and opportunities into one amazing platform.

That’s when experience counts.

Digital Platform offers Instant Gratification

Our think digital platforms promise instant gratification that connect businesses, communities, consumers and fans. This is how our customers generate more revenue, while saving costs and driving innovation.


Instant Payments

Provide & run easy in app payments linked to profiles


Instant Insights

View data & run management reports to drive actions


Instant Services

Promote & request fast and efficient customer support


Instant Notifications

Send & receive relevant information in the moment


Instant Access

Provide seamless access based on user profiles


Instant Interactions

Enable & communicate with anyone, safely via the app


Instant Promotions

Push & receive promotions based on audiences


Instant Amendments

Update content on the fly smartly via the back-end


Connected Communities

Our ‘Go City’ solutions connect residents, business and visitors in gated communities and mixed-use developments

To simplify the day-to-day life of residents living within gated communities tdglobal introduces the 'Go City’ app. By integrating all the needs of your community into one single digital platform you can streamline the management of residential estates. This way you can offer everyone a convenient and immersive experience across all property touchpoints: security, facilities and services.

Living made easy

  • Get all property management features
  • Protect & govern all citizen data
  • Manage community with one digital platform
  • Realize the best customer experience
  • Innovate & realize solid ROI within 1 year

Connected Businesses

With our ‘Go Commerce’ solutions we connect manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers with your customers

In any value chain each contributor wants to add value, minimize operational costs and boost their business. That’s where a digital ecosystem makes a real difference.  You can simplify order intake, get product visibility, reduce manual processes, offer self-service for a great customer experience and much more.

Business made smart

  • Get all Enterprise eCommerce features
  • Increase revenue via digital sales channels
  • Expand features as you go on one digital platform
  • Provide immersive online buying experience
  • Optimize complete value chain

Ways to get started


Every customer need is different. And every business opportunity you see opens many questions. To enable your digital dream, we connect you to one of our digital experts who can guide you on the initial steps to your digital journey.

Your first consultation is for free.

Live Demo

Seeing is believing. We are here to help you discover your digital opportunities. Running through a live demo gives you the chance to fully understand what is possible. See the bigger opportunities and choices available to you.

Just go for it!

Reference Call

Our customers are our best ambassadors. Ask them about their implementation, integrations, and most importantly their learnings. Since we value their time, we verify beforehand if they are open to make this connection.

Simply dare to ask!