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Can you Deliver instant Gratification to your Customers?

Imagine being able to order anything, at any time, Uber-style. Fuelled by demand for instant gratification, businesses that can deliver products and services at the touch of a button will thrive in the digital economy. Because customers want what they want, when they want it. Now, you can give it to them.

The tdglobal On Demand platform gives you the tools to create exceptional, real-time digital experiences that engages customers and keeps them coming back for more.

On Demand supports better management of smart cities, mixed use developments, office buildings, shopping centres, complexes, online stores, and any other shared community. Sleek apps let users easily report issues, pay bills, communicate with management, and much more. It puts ownership of your data back in your hands, which you can monetise and use to make strategic decisions.

Other benefits include:

Reduced call centre volumes

Effective management of mobile teams

Perfecting the way you engage with your customers

The Next Step in The Evolution of Customer Engagement

Services | On Demand

"Uber style" service requests

Customer can view which services are in location

Request at a click of a button

Immediate action, and rate the service

Digitally Transform the Way Residents Live, Work and Play in their Neighbourhood

ThinkDigital Mobile App

Retail | On Demand Perfecting the way Retailers engage with Customers

Awesome Features

Simplify product returns

Minimise delivery times through instant communications with retailers

Maximise conversion rates in store with revolutionary digital experience


Strong Security

True instant gratification for your customers

Customer experience is the core of every Think Digital retail journey

Smarter City | Realise the Potential of your Mixed Use Development, On Demand.

Awesome Features

ThinkDigital Mobile App

Effectively manage maintenance teams in the field.

Enable highly connected ecosystems for residents, businesses & estate management teams.

Constant feedback to residents when logging issues.

Own the key to digital and data assets.

Digitally Transform the Way Residents Live, Work and Play in their Neighbourhood

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