Enterprise Data Privacy & Protection Platform

Discover, identify, and classify all of your data, everywhere

Enterprise Data Privacy
and Protection Platform

Discover, identify, and classify
all of your data, everywhere

Five reasons to manage sensitive data-at-rest and data-in-motion

At tdglobal we take data privacy seriously. That’s why we partner with BigID, a key player in this domain with their patented ‘Discovery-in-Depth’ technology and extensible app framework. Together we help you manage the full data lifecycle from a privacy perspective.

  1. Find, classify & catalog all of your regulated, sensitive, personal, and critical data
  2. Reduce risk, achieve compliance, and manage and protect enterprise data
  3. Gain a single source of data truth across privacy, security & governance
  4. Take action with native BigID apps or 3rd party apps using the ‘discovery-in-depth’ platform
  5. Connect with 100+ data sources across data centers & the cloud

Data Discovery Foundation

Get unmatched data discovery for PI / PII and sensitive data with our ‘Discovery-in-Depth‘ technology.

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Cluster Analysis

  • Find the data you need
  • Identify duplicate data
  • Automate labeling
  • Discover dark data
  • Classify quickly & accurately
  • Analyze data
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  • Discover any data
  • Visualize connections
  • Correlation-based classifiers
  • Uncover dark data
  • Uncover relationships
  • ML data analysis
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  • Person & identity
  • Regulation & policy
  • Document type
  • Security attributes
  • Custom classifiers
  • ML learning models
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Data Catalog

  • Visualize your data in one place
  • Unified data inventory
  • Enhance technical metadata
  • Metadata exchange
  • Automate discovery
  • Manage risk

Extensible App Framework

Take action with apps for privacy, protection & perspective


Perspective Apps

Data Retention App

Policy-driven data retention management

Data Quality App* (Q4)

Data quality with profiling, insight, accuracy, and visibility across all data

Data Stewardship App* (Q1, 2021)

Centralized portal for end-to-end data management

Data Lineage App* (Q2, 2021)

Enterprise-wide visibility into the entire data lifecycle


Privacy Apps

Data Rights Automation App

Automate fulfillment of data access & deletion requests at scale BigID Apps

Data Processing & Sharing App

Track & document GDPR RoPAs and CCPA third-party data sharing

Consent Governance App

Centralize your view of consent across de-centralized stores of consent data

Data Transfers & Sovereignty App

Monitor sensitive & personal data flows and transfers

Privacy Portal App

Manage personal privacy preferences and data access req


Protection Apps

Data Remediation App

Delegate actions and leverage workflows for remediation of high risk and sensitive data

Data Access Intelligence App

Identify and manage over-privileged access and overexposed data

Data Risk App

Simplify data risk analysis

Breach Data Investigation App

Identify compromised data and impacted users from suspected breach data

Data Labeling App

Simplify labels across your data, align with policy, & ensure enforcement

We are ready to enable a privacy-aware planet.

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