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"In the age of data and digital, IT has shifted from being a business support to a driver of business. tdglobal puts you on the right side of disrupt or be disrupted, ensuring your business imperative is threat and not threatened."

- Alan Cowley, Executive Chairman

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Be Data Driven to Thrive | Our data managed service solutions
save time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance and
support of database and data management solutions

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Go Digital to Survive | What your customers want. Right now.
Giving you the tools needed to drive effective and
holistic digital transformation.


What are our clients saying?

“Medihelp and tdglobal have partnered in Business Intelligence for some years, leading to a new agreement for tools and support from a skilled team that places customer relations first. If you’re embarking on BI, Data Integration, Data Quality and Governance for future success, tdglobal does it all - with intensive care.”

tdglobal came on board, immediately spotted opportunities and added value to the Africa team. They went the extra mile to ensure no balls were dropped. Our Integration Team would recommend tdglobal to other companies that need to bank on top-class, consistent service.”

“In our five-year relationship with tdglobal, delivery of their managed service solution, which includes support for our IBM datastage ETL tool and provision of our IBM datastage licences, has exceeded our expectations. Satisfied? Absolutely.”

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