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Why manufacturers should be seizing Industry 4.0 opportunities 

Multinational professional services network PwC’s study, “Strategy & Global Digital Operations 2018”, notes that even while digital transformation has been on the business agenda for years and Industrie 4.0 is already transforming the manufacturing sector at pace, those ready to seize the competitive edge…

GDPR heralds new age of robust data management

The age of businesses collecting, using and storing personal data any way they choose is over and the massive  impact of consumers and companies flexing their new-found data privacy muscles takes GDPR to the top of a CIO’s priority list. Stuart Pearce, Managing Director…

Business success could fail or soar with your information strategy

“Organisations across the globe realise now that their businesses need rethinking and remodelling, to lay the foundation for digital success,” says Stuart peace, Managing Director of data specialists TD Global. “Key to setting up the best platform for a digital journey to success is…

Data management and GDPR: Compliance or bust...

  As business leaders know by now, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced on 25 May 2018 to protect the personal data of individuals. Over and above the control this allows citizens of their personal data, the GDPR also aims…

Data decay: Are you getting regular checkups?

  A lot has been said on the importance of using clean data when starting out on the path to digitisation. However, more needs to be said about maintaining the integrity of data and avoiding data decay. One of the pillars on which you…

Why the ‘G’ in ‘GRC’ is essential

  “Innovation in the technology arena has brought us to the point where governance, risk and compliance now get a single acronym – GRC – and command equal importance in the minds of every CEO and CIO. But GRC is not only about data:…



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