Make Your Data Catalog the Central Point

Published: 20 November 2019

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Companies are flooded with data. From valuable customer insights to seemingly endless masses of metadata, it’s becoming clear that the difference between a data-driven company isn’t how much data is gathered but how it’s used.


In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • What is metadata? Why does it matter?
  • What challenges are organizations facing with regards to data governance?
  • What value does a data governance console bring?
  • Operational efficiency gains and cost savings
  • Four steps to turn your data catalog into a true enterprise data governance console


The biggest benefit to creating a comprehensive data governance console lies in the ability to look at all of your organization’s data in a single place. This brings everything together in an easy-to-use console, which allows you to access and analyze your data easily and quickly. Plus,
by using this methodology, users can add any other characteristics about enterprise data that is important to their organization.

In the end, this can help save organizations a tremendous amount of time and money — by improving devops efficiency and achieve reliable regulatory compliance. Such a powerful console enables your organization to stay competitive in an increasingly data-driven world.