Unleashing the value of under-used data

Published: 31 January 2018

Data and analytics is big business around the globe, so creating measurable economic benefits from your data for growth and possible new revenue sources is vital.  By extracting the correct data for your business requirements, TD Global looks at how you will monetise your information via new markets, existing customers, or new customer acquisition.

It’s time to unleash the potential of your data. But how? It’s what you do with data that determines its value. For your value to kick in, TD Global sets up your data value ecosystem, including:

  • Data governance;
  • Data modernisation;
  • Data democratisation; and
  • Digitisation

Working with clients to review legacy data and migrating only modernised, useful data to a flexible, agile platform, TD Global refines this “gold” to its point of ultimate usefulness. Are you already achieving top-dollar data? Answer these questions:

  • Is your data sector specific?
  • Are there other arenas that you could potentially diversify into?
  • Do you have the analytical capacity to extract precise customer/business information?
  • Can you combine data from a number of platforms to form a single picture that holds a value for your organisation?
  • Can your data be quickly transformed into a usable asset, such as a personalised campaign?

Questioning your data will determine whether your company is a consumer of data, a data aggregator, or a creator of a new data product. TD Global will assist you in building the framework for transforming your data into a business tool.

Note that it’s vital all members of your organisation understand the journey into unlocking the power of data and the monetisation that effects. TD Global encourages the proper training of personnel with tasks that may become automated and the upskilling of those who are able to take on new roles within the structure.

The most value will be achieved from your data when capture, analytics, access to appropriate personnel and feedback is combined in a system that enables your organisation to pivot where necessary and adjust data promptly and effectively.