Published: 07 February 2018

Migrating data from legacy systems to digital is a challenging exercise, given that years of collecting data means it is usually in a variety of formats and held in a number of places across an organisation.

Key to an effective migration journey requires finding solutions for the following challenges:

  • Collaboration and communication among all parties concerned
  • Creating a system for data consistency
  • System architecture that enables the migration quick and effective migration
  • Ensuring the data is clean, updated and legally compliant before migration
  • Making sure only the necessary and correct data is migrated

The migration part of a data journey requires a unified data team armed with clear scoping documents. Contingency time must be built in to the deadline in case of errors during testing, and a project management system that is accessible to all may require broader access across the data team. Under the leadership of the data governance team, all employees responsible for migration must be clear on the organisation’s data strategies to achieve the most efficient and highest value.