Data Modernisation

Published: 30 January 2018

Is your data ready to do business? 

To compete in the 21st century while protecting privacy and staying ahead of potential disruption, data modernisation is an essential part of future-proofing your business. By migrating the parts of your legacy data that add business value today and modernising it business agility and legal compliance, TD Global creates a platform that unlocks your data goldmine.

The path to data modernisation

The data journey within successful enterprises requires an eco system that includes:

  • Data governance
  • Data modernisation
  • Data democratisation
  • Data monetisation
  • Data digitisation

In combination, these functions enable your organisation to pivot when necessary and make speedy, trustworthy management decisions. TD Global underpins the entire process with modernisation; analysing and preparing your data to create the foundation of data value. It’s about fresh thinking and better decision-making creating a pathway to growth and even new revenue streams.

Data modernisation is key to successfully integrating information across a variety of platforms. TD Global takes on your data migration, the risky business that requires specialist preparation to mitigate loss and other risks during the procedure. The process in brief looks like this:

  • Data assessment – the data most required for your business success
  • Now and then – determining how you data is used now and how you want it to be used in the future
  • Fresh outlook - reviewing your existing data in the context of a market that is likely very different to the one your old data served
  • Creating a bespoke platform - that must allow easy integration of new, valuable data sources for better decisions and meeting customer demands
  • Simplification – Keeping platform architecture simple means less cost, easier upskilling of personnel, and better security
  • Flexibility – Being flexible means being globally functional and device agnostic, while enabling remote access and effective governance

In the “disrupt or be disrupted” era, keeping your data fresh and current is vital to survival. If you are still wondering whether you need data modernisation, simply answer this:   Will your current system stand up to 21st century disruptions that may include cybercrime, any impact of social media and rapidly-evolving regulation? If your answer is no, TD Global has your solution.