Vertical Markets - Utilities


Keep the lights on

According to PwC, more innovation will occur in the utilities sector in the next 20 years than has occurred to date since the time of Thomas Edison. We help companies prepare for this wave of innovation using evolutionary technologies.

These include:

  • Accelerated analytics: Manage the health of millions of assets like power lines and power poles across tens of millions of customers, to minimise outages, optimise operations, and quickly resolve disruptions. Gain real-time social media insights for faster alerts to issues.
  • Grid optimisation: Allocate the right amount of energy, to the right geographical area, at the right time. Real-time smart meter and sensor data analysis lets you identify trends and power surges, to prevent outages and asset downtime.
  • Operational efficiency: Analyse real-time and historical data to avoid downtime, monitor your assets, reduce costs and inefficiencies, improve worker safety, and identify geographical organisational trends.
  • Accurate customer insights: Correlate multiple data sources to build an accurate picture of your customers, so you can upsell and reduce churn.
  • Predictive maintenance: Monitor streaming asset performance data, to prevent downtime and failures, reduce costs, and improve reliability and safety.

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