Vertical Markets - Telecoms


Think telecoms is only about telecoms? Think again.

Telecommunications companies only analyse a fraction of the data they collect. Yet more and more valuable information is emerging from the digital environment every day – from customers, networks, location-based marketing opportunities, IoT devices, and more.

Everyone wants access to these insights. You can give it to them. For a fee, of course.

tdglobal gives telecoms providers the ability to:

  • Monitor their network performance in real time to better allocate infrastructure budgets and to analyse coverage and consumption patterns to identify location-based marketing opportunities for their customers. All visual, all real time.
  • Reduce customer churn and identify opportunities to attract new customers by analysing all relevant data sources. Powerful things happen when you augment product, network, location, and customer data with machine learning, location intelligence, and visual discovery. We can show you how.
  • Increase operational margins and reduce maintenance costs through real-time BI dashboards with the ability to analyse streaming data and remove bottlenecks in data discovery. We also help you to leverage machine learning native analytics for predictive maintenance of networks and infrastructure, making downtime a thing of the past.

Switch to real-time data analysis and unlock hidden revenue streams. Contact us.