Vertical Markets - Logistics


Disrupt, or be disrupted

The ability to satisfy customers’ desire for instant gratification is fast becoming a competitive differentiator in logistics. If you can deliver more, faster, while reducing your own costs, you'll leave others in your dust.

Traditional players in the logistics industry risk redundancy if they don’t keep up with digital disruption. Become the disruptor, with tdglobal.

We help you to:

  • Optimise your supply chain by analysing streaming data from your connected fleet and operational system. This helps you to reduce costs and improve overall efficiencies in your supply chain, so you can serve your customers better, faster.
  • Power analytics-driven route planning and optimisation, to save time, reduce fuel and overtime costs, and improve the customer experience. By analysing unpredictable and rapidly changing information – like weather, traffic, and vehicle location – in real time, you can better manage your assets, identify the most efficient routes, and get a complete visual overview of your entire operation.
  • Achieve on-time package tracking and delivery. By knowing exactly where your fleet is at any given time, you can provide shorter delivery windows for your customers, allowing them to better plan their days. Ensuring an on-time delivery schedule minimises staff overtime and makes you more operationally efficient.

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