Vertical Markets - Financial


Fintech is disrupting financial services. Will you lead, follow, or just react?

The more financial data we collect, the more complex and unpredictable it becomes. We’re no longer using traditional data to validate our businesses. We’re not even using big data to drive our businesses. We’re using extreme data to power our businesses. Can you handle that much power?

We enable financial services institutions to:

  • Improve risk management: By moving risk analysis from batch / overnight processing to streaming / real-time processing, you can process more data, faster and make in-the-moment decisions. This enables agile monitoring by traders, auditors, and management.
  • Streamline financial reporting: Real-time, accurate daily / monthly analytical reporting lets you perform complex calculations of financial ratios, like Liquidity Coverage Ratios.
  • Boost your fraud detection and cyber security capabilities: Combine multiple data feeds to uncover anomalies in behavioural patterns that signal potential fraud.

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