Snowflake Data Migration Testing

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Learning Opportunity

In the webinar, we guide and demonstrate how the tdglobal Managed Services Team can certify your data migration using Snowflake Data Migration Testing from Netezza to Snowflake and significantly reduce cost and testing time.

Enterprises are choosing Snowflake as their data warehouse platform, but migrating data from the legacy database to Snowflake is a risky endeavor. iCEDQ has partnered with Snowflake (Technology Partner) to mitigate the data migration risk by giving customers the ability to certify the migration end to end with its data reconciliation and validation engine.

Intended Audience
Professionals working on data migration, especially those involved in Snowflake migration.

What you will learn
We will be demonstrating iCEDQ, a DataOps platform designed specifically for automating Cloud Data Migration Testing, Big Data Testing, ETL/ Data Warehouse Testing, BI Testing, Production Data Monitoring, and Data Compliance.

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Key Steps:

  • Pre-migration Analysis and Test Planning
  • Schema Migration and Testing
  • Auto-Generate Migration Test Rules
  • Initial Load and Testing
  • Delta Load and Testing
  • Parallel Run and Testing
  • Cutover and Release Certification
  • Production Data Monitoring

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