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Does your data need a check-up?

Rx for Healthcare

There’s a shift happening in the healthcare industry. Providers and insurers are tapping into massive volumes of complex information to discover what causes diseases, how to prevent and cure them, and how to improve the quality – and reduce the cost – of patient treatment.

But healthcare is also among the most heavily regulated industries, especially around data protection and privacy. And it’s going to get more complicated as the volume and complexity of healthcare data explodes. The need for data governance has never been more critical.

tdglobal’s proven framework empowers healthcare organisations to not only trust their data and automate the governance process, but also empowers non-technical users to actively participate in data stewardship and to use data for the benefit of millions.

We help you to address data governance challenges, like:

  • Helping your data users to find information buried in EMR / EHR and in-house systems, including poorly documented reports, dashboards, and metrics.
  • Increasing understanding of and trust in data by providing critical context.
  • Being able to manage any type of business or technical metadata using a technology-neutral metadata management platform.
  • Meeting the constantly changing Clinical Quality and Compliance reports required by regulators and financial partners.
  • Managing clinical terminologies, like ICD-10, LOINC, SNOMED, CPT, and more.
  • Securing enterprise data assets with governance policies that ensure compliance and protection of personal and sensitive information.
  • Being able to make life-or-death decisions based on data that’s accurate, precise, and clear.

Our accelerated analytics solutions enable you to:

  • Drastically improve drug discovery times and go to market faster
  • Gain a 360-degree view of your patients to optimise their experience
  • Bring AI to patient data to enable precision medicine

Give your data a health check-up. Contact us.