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to our solution powered by IBM DB2

Unlock the potential of your data, hold your database to a higher standard – easy to deploy wherever it’s needed.  Adapting to ever changing needs and integrating with multiple platforms and workloads. Migrate today to realise real business benefits.

Top 6 reasons to migrate

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • A platform for rapid reporting and analytics
  • Increased scalability and availability
  • Support for new and emerging applications
  • Flexibility for hybrid environments
  • Greater simplicity

How much will you save?

You could save up to $4M over 5 years after switching to our solution powered by IBM DB2.

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Benefits of migrating your database to our solution


less days spent on deployment *


reduced storage requirements *


savings for new workloads *


Free up database admins

* up to

Big savings and seamless integration when migrating to our solution powered by IBM DB2

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