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Kinetica | Active Analytics Platform for the Extreme Data Economy

Get to the answer faster, with the insight engine for the extreme data economy

Kinetica was first to harness the combined power of GPUs and CPUs. This, along with real-time location visualisation and the power of artificial intelligence, gives businesses the ability to transform real-time data into instant insights.

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Kinetica brings together all elements of active analytics into a single platform, including historical data analytics, streaming data analytics, location intelligence, graph analytics, and AI, to deliver business-accessible predictive analytics capabilities and real-time analysis – at breakthrough speeds.

Never before have businesses been able to derive insights from billions of data points in real time, while simultaneously ingesting, analysing, and visualising high velocity streaming data sources.

Kinetica transforms data into instant insight. Power new technologies and services, from connected devices to risk management to personalization and beyond.

Not your average analytics solution, Kinetica supports:

  • Accelerated advanced analytics – analyse massive, complex datasets in milliseconds.
  • Streaming data ingest and analysis – combine real-time data pipelines and historical data to generate better informed insights.
  • Geospatial and interactive location-based data and analytics – run large-scale analytics on streaming geospatial-temporal datasets.
  • Operationalised machine learning – handle AI in the same database used for business analytics. ‘Bring Your Own Algorithm’ and run existing models in-database without needing to rewrite algorithms or scripts.
  • Enterprise-grade security, scalability, availability, and manageability.

With Kinetica, you can use parallel computing to transform your IoT strategy and accelerate data analysis, advanced analytics, location-based visualisation, and machine learning initiatives.

See Kinetica in action and start your trial today!


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