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Is your Data Governance Framework in place?

Not all data is valuable. But you won’t know what is, until you have a data governance framework in place; one that can improve data quality and reduce your risk exposure. It’s something you either get right, or horribly wrong.

If no one in your organisation can find the data they need to do their jobs, it’s time to redefine your data governance strategy.

So, what is enterprise data governance?

Data should be easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to use for a specific purpose. Trustworthy data, supported by transparent policies, is a business asset that drives better decision-making and gives you a competitive advantage.

Finding the sweet spot between imposing too much control over your data – and preventing users from doing their work – or too little control – and exposing your business to risk.

A combination of offence and defence strategies, including security and privacy controls; the ability to identify data sources and define access permissions, responsibilities, and process flows; and using self-service analytics that empower users to transform your business through recommendations, crowdsourcing, and tagging.

A winning strategy that gives everyone in the organisation access to the data they need to take transformative action. Everyone has a common understanding of what the data means and can trust that the data is accurate and fit for purpose.


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