Maintain Privacy Compliance

It’s time to get proactive about GDPR and POPIA

Work Smart

Trust and privacy have never been more important. But you don’t need to start from scratch with each new regulation.

tdglobal can help you to:

Build privacy into the design of your culture. We help you to establish a governance framework so that you understand what data you have, where it is, who’s in charge of it, and what controls should be applied to protect it. From one enterprise data governance solution, you can see how your data is stored, handled, and processed; establish data management workflows; and track and trace data for improved transparency and accountability.

Earn data consumers’ trust. We help you to build a transparent, secure, and agile data environment that turns your data into a trusted business asset, resulting in reliable and accurate data – the ultimate currency of trust.

Comply with new and existing privacy regulations. When you understand how your data is captured, used, stored, and destroyed, you can start realising real business value. With a solid governance foundation, your data privacy is guaranteed.


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