DbaaS – Database as a Service

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As part of our managed service, migration or porting strategy for a company, be it Sybase or IBM etc, can best be described as DbaaS.

Here’s why:

  • We deliver a full DbaaS end-to-end for our customer
  • It’s a stabalisation, non-disruptive, future proof journey for your Data Landscape
  • Bring us in to assist with your current Data Landscape environment (e.g., Sybase ASE), we’ll move you through our Insight Solution, with the following three phases

Phase 1

We convert your current landscape and licenses over to our Term Based Offering, as a seamless transition, where your current systems are not impacted, it’s simply a license change – and at the same time you can upscale or downscale your current licenses to better suite your current or planned changes.  The immediate benefit of this first phase which is non-disruptive, you get a similar or better price than what you are currently paying, with the added benefit of added managed services, database optimisation, see our white paper on our benefits offered. Download it here.       

Phase 2

Once the license port and reconfiguration has taken place, phase 2 would be to transition to cloud, where we move these Insight licenses, and the physical data over to a Cloud environment such as AWS, AZURE or Google Cloud – and off your current on-premise environment.  The costs of this can be offset against the current on-prem HW costs etc (All typical benefits you can find of why / how cloud hosting is cheaper/easier to manage vs on-prem), and further benefits which lead to an upgraded managed service from us, where we truly offer a Database as a Service offering, where your applications then talk to a connection in the cloud, vs on your own premises – with all the associated benefits

Phase 3

Whether or not we go through phase 2, the next part of the Insight offering is to migrate / port your Database solution from older tech such as Sybase ASE, over to newer tech such as SAP HANA, or Informix over to DB2 etc.  We have the tools, and templates to fast track this change from for example Sybase to HANA – and can be run in parallel to avoid disruption to your existing operations.


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