Insight for SAP Sybase

Insight for SAP Sybase is a managed service solution that saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance and support of database and data management solutions.

This single platform includes SAP’s industry leading database technology paired with tdglobal’s years of expertise and intellectual property.

Save Time and Money


Subscribtion Based


Managed Solution


Licenses and Services



ASP options, ASE Edge, SQL Anywhere Edge, PowerDesigner, SQL Anywhere

Key Benefits


40% cost saving over 3 years


20% faster to migrate to the cloud


5+ options of Solution packages to choose from

How does Insight work?

tdglobal’s Insight for SAP Sybase optimizes security, performance, reliability and accessibility through


Health Checks

Security, Performance, Stability & Maintainability



License Optimization, License Consolidation, Platform Re-Licensing



Performance, Security, SQL Code & Stored Procs


Data Security

Sensitive Data Discovery, Classify & Govern, Data Protection & Encryption


Data Migration

Cloud Migration, Platform Migration, Migration Testing

Insight Enables

Your Projects - Always on Time
  • High-quality SAP data continuously available across development, testing, and deployment
  • Avoid lengthy data refreshes that interrupt progress and eliminate manual efforts to generate datasets
  • Instantly and automatically restore copies of SAP data to any point in time results in “alwayson” landscapes
  • Test with current, high-quality production data


Quality Releases - Agile Processes
  • Develop and test against highquality SAP data, minimizing risk
  • Bookmarks enable SAP teams to establish a clean baseline between test cases
  • Reset to a bookmark in minutes without having to wait days or weeks for a system refresh
  • Non-disruptively extract data from production extract data from production 
Your Deployment Journey – Accelerated
  • Migrate to HANA and S/4HANA faster while reducing risk
  • Quickly stand up space-efficient migration environments
  • Operate legacy Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and ASE environments more efficiently after your migration.
  • On premise or the cloud such as AWS / Azure / Hybrid Cloud


Analytics, Modeling & Reporting
  • Dramatically accelerate time to useful data
  • Offload reports, extracts from production
  • Eliminate batch windows, extract at any time
  • Deliver as many data copies as needed


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